Mission, Vision and Values

Transforming knowledge into value for our customer and the society

Nuestra misiónThe vocation of AEQ Consulting is to give support to the companies by means of the design, elaboration and application of projects that make it possible the dynamization, improvement and rationalization of their management systems, as well as their planning and control.

All of this must represent an increase of the company's competitiveness and profitability, making it possible the creation of wealth and welfare for whole society.

People are the real motor, aim and identity of our business project.
Human brain is a never ending resource whose power becomes evident before critical situations or problems relating shortage of resources.

For us, Honesty is a starting point indispensable in the internal relations of our Company and in the relations with our customers, suppliers and partners.

Finally, Work and effort are the two essential factors to carry our mission out and make it dynamic.


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