OHSAS 18001

A management system for the correct integration of Health & Safety into your company.

The H&S Management System according to OHSAS 18001 Standard is the system that describes the processes and procedures for the correct integration of H&S in your company.

All the companies must abide H&S Law. This law obliges the companies to integrate its requirements in their management system. OHSAS 18001 manages effectively the compliance with law and also provides all the management methodology necessary for continual improvement.

This voluntary certification issued by the British Standard Institute (BSI) provides evidence of the company’s commitment to go beyond mere legal compliance, and this is why it constitutes an explicit recognition towards company’s employees, partners, Administration and public in general.

AEQ advises and assists you in the design, development and implementation of your QMS. Once assessed by the certification body, you will obtain accredited certification recognized worldwide.

Our extensive experience in the implementation of QMS and Global Management Systems, as well as the skills our consultants have, make it possible to develop a work method which is simple and has visible results.

Our method consists in carrying out only the visits that are necessary; in this period, the key stages for the achievement of the objectives will be developed:

- We will analyse your situation with regard to the requirements
- Elaborate only necessary documentation
- Implement the system
- Train and provide the necessary skills to your employees
- And verify the system for it to be certified

Up to present, over 1.400 companies have placed their trust in us. We’ve been developing and implementing complete management and quality programmes throughout our country for 15 years. All this, thanks to the fact that our work and organization system represents:

- An easy work model
- No interferences in the day-by-day of your company
- Quick and effective development
- Long term and easy to maintain

Download sheet
FileFile size
Download this file (OHSAS 18001-2007.pdf)OHSAS 1800160 Kb
Download this file (OHSAS_cat.pdf)OHSAS 18001 (catalan)62 Kb
Download this file (OHSAS_en.pdf)OHSAS 18001 (english)62 Kb


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